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Experience:  My first real estate transaction occurred on a rainy nite in NYC in 1994. My new broker, who had told me a story of how she started earlier that day, gave me one lead to see how I will handle an incoming call.   It was shortly after 5 pm when my clients came to my office after I spoke with them earlier and urged them to come in. There were hardly any taxis as it was starting to rain just as we began to view our second unit that was 8 city blocks away. Soon thereafter, as our umbrellas turned inside out from the wind, we started to resemble three wet dogs.  My clients urged me to continue to help them. My clients asked me to show them just one more place to live in NYC that was safe, fun and close to their new jobs on Wall Street. I was the right one for the job since I knew the city like the back of my hand.  My ex husband was in the commercial building supply business, I knew most of the layouts. My clients were determined to find a NYC home that evening no matter how hard it poured.  We looked at 5 properties and the rest is history. The next day my clients guarantors showed up with size able bank balances and the transaction closed shortly thereafter.  Two weeks later, my broker gave me a corner office.We had three showers that I would pay to take my clients to the units that I would recommend they see after a brief consultation.  A great environment.  

We've closed a lot of real estate transactions since 1994.  


There are dozens more certs, I just can't find them all...

24 hours minimum CE every two years since 1994

NY FLA NV - License

Rock Center Commercial Property Management 1991 

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