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Don't even think about visiting model homes by yourself and signing in -- at least not if you want to be represented later by a real estate agent.

It's just one of many things that makes buying a newly built home different -- and sometimes trickier -- than purchasing an existing one, even at a time when builders are slashing prices to reduce inventory. Once you sign that list, builders won't pay a commission to the agent, figuring they have already lured you in. So if you want an agent to guide you in such things as negotiating price and extras, you would have to pay the commission yourself. If you don't bring an agent in the beginning, they won't honor that agent after that.

To make the most of a new-home purchase, shoppers need to come armed with knowledge.That might mean reading up on a builder. Is he solvent? Are his homes sound? Does he back his product? Or it could mean hiring a real estate agent that represents YOU to review the contract and add consumer-friendly clauses.

Remember: Just because builders have salespeople at the model homes, offer ready-to-sign contracts and can arrange a mortgage, that doesn't necessarily mean they're looking out for your best interests. Everyone working on the site is working for the builder, there's not one single person there who's working for the buyer.

We are finding and negotiating deals for our clients that are not available to anyone else. There's things as an agent we're able to guide new home buyers through that they would not know on their own. We are getting builders to lower their prices, in some cases, in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Contact us at 702-677-8796 right now to find out how you can get a copy of our Best Las Vegas Home Buys List. 

We welcome the opportunity to be of service.

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