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 When Selling Your Home, Are These Your Goals?

1) That My Home Will Sell!

2) That I Get The Most Money For My Home!

3) That My Home Sells In A Reasonable Amount Of Time!

4) That I Am In Constant Communication And Updated During The Sales Process!

5) That The Sales Transaction Is Smooth And Pleasant! 

If You Answered Yes To All 5 Questions

We Make Homes Stand Out In The Real Estate Marketplace.  

We Sell Las Vegas Homes Fast In All Price Ranges!

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The Techniques We Use To Sell Homes Fast:

Two Ways To SOLD!  There are two ways to get a home sold once it is listed. They are; Wait for a buyer to show up, or wait for another agent to bring a buyer to it. Or, we can spend time trying to find a buyer or actively promote other agents to bring one to us...We use the latter approach!

We have weekly sales meetings at our centrally located offices where all of our agents are invited to promote their new listings.  Is there anything in particular you would like me to tell them? 

I've developed a list of the top 58 agents in the area, the ones like myself who are very active in the marketplace. 

Is there anything in particular you'd like me to tell them?  

In addition, email blasts are sent out to all 14,000 Las Vegas Realtors throughout ALL of the active real estate brokerages in Nevada marketing your home to all qualified and active home buyers in the listed price range. 

Is there anything in particular you'd like me to tell them?  

Luxury properties are introduced to 150,000 Real Estate Professionals in 500 offices worldwide to maximize exposure. Is there anything in particular you'd like me to tell them? 

 We Make Use Of The Best Advertising In The Industry!  

We notify tens of 1000's of active home buyers/cash buyers/real estate investors from around the country interested in purchasing Las Vegas Real Estate! Is there anything in particular you'd like me to tell them? We'll feature your home on over 900 search sites including social media sites facebook, zillow, trulia, openhouse, craigslist, postlets and frontdoor to capture a loyal HGTV cable tv audience to create maximum exposure. We'll post your property on our national websites that reach tens of 1000's of active home buyers and investors; we'll post it in the GLVAR Multiple Listing Service, the Las Vegas Realtor listing service and Realtor dot com.

 Homeowners who wish to sell their current home or real estate property would enter into a contractual agreement. In this case, I would be working for you, the property owner selling your existing property. The expectations in working with me as your seller's agent includes the following: 

  • Handling of all paperwork associated with listing your property for sale. 
  • Assistance in completing all documentation providing legal description of your property. 
  • Assistance in completing all documentation associated with necessary disclosures. 
  • Keep homeowner aware of interest in your property and collaborate with the homeowner to schedule showings with other agents. 
  • Present all offers made on your property to you for consideration. 
  • Interpret and explain any contract documents the seller must sign. 
  • Facilitate the completion of necessary paperwork to proceed toward a closing. 
  • Contract documents include terms of compensation, usually a percentage of the sale price of your property. (When your property qualifies as a short sale, your lender(s) pay the commissions and closing costs.)
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