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Las Vegas Home Prices House Values In Las Vegas

Are you selling your home or maybe just thinking about selling your home or property in Las Vegas but aren't sure about how to price it or what it's worth today?

The location above all else determines a homes house value in Las Vegas. The location location location of your home plays the most important factor when determining your homes values. 

The location refers not only to Southwest, Northwest, Southeast, North or Northeast regions of Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada but also the neighborhood, the street, as well as the lot within the neighborhood where your home or property is located. 

It goes without saying that a well maintained home is worth more than a fixer upper. A home that has been updated with energy efficient windows and appliances will be worth more than the house next door that hasn't been updated. Certain remodeling features add value as well, such as updated bathrooms, updated kitchens and updated plumbing. 

A property located within 250 feet of a foreclosure will experience at least a 1% reduction in value. Homes within 1 tenth of a mile of a sex offender are worth 9% less and historically take 10 percent longer to sell.

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