Tough It Out or Short Sale? 

There are times when tough questions deserve an honest answer. A question homeowners are asking every day is, “Do I short sale my home or stay and tough it out?” 

When you look at the "own" side of the equation, you will also have to factor in periodic expenses such as maintenance, including repairs that will have to be done in the next few years, HOA dues and property taxes, if they aren't included in your mortgage payment.  If your mortgage (or second mortgage, if you have one) is a variable-rate loan, then you should also consider the cost of your mortgage when interest rates rise.

Short selling a home can be a hard decision to make.  Being able to see the current market value of your home and projecting when your investment will break-even and become an asset again is invaluable to your decision making process.  With the Short Sale or Stay Calculator you’ll be able to crunch the numbers in a matter of minutes. Please take a moment out of your day to try out our Short Sale or Stay Calculator.

  • Step 1: Your Property Information – enter your property’s address information.
  • Step 2: Your Mortgage – provide some basic mortgage information such as your balance and interest rate.  NOTE:  Your information is closely guarded and never sold.
  • Step 3: Your Information – supply your email address to receive an email that has your Short or Stay Calculator results.

That’s it.  It’s that simple!

Step 1. Your Property Info Step 2. Mortgage Info Step 3. Email Info

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